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  1. Mar 28,  · History has shown naming diseases after places can have negative consequences for nations, economies and people. And as times change, language does too.
  2. This is a list of common, well-known or infamous coiprofalstorcoden.congsupkewatalotoubudhclubarsabooks.co is neither complete nor authoritative. This is not intended to be a list of rare diseases, nor is it a list of mental disorders.. This list includes both common names and technical names for diseases. This is deliberate; where multiple names are in common use for the same disease, all of those names should link to the main article.
  3. For example, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. People often know the name of a disease, but not the name of the virus that causes it. There are different processes, and purposes, for naming viruses and diseases. Viruses are named based on their genetic structure to facilitate the development of diagnostic tests, vaccines and medicines.
  4. Mar 19,  · Spanish Flu. West Nile Virus. Zika. Ebola. All named for places. Before the media’s fake outrage, even CNN called it “Chinese Coronavirus.” Those trying to divide us must stop rooting for America to fail and give Americans real info they need to get through the crisis.
  5. Index of comprehensive articles on medical diseases and conditions, a listing. Covers all aspects of medicine produced by doctors.
  6. Behcet’s disease is pronounced beh-SHETS and was named after Dr. Hulusi Behcet, a Turkish dermatologist. Symptoms The earliest symptoms of Behcet’s disease are sores inside the mouth.
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  8. The disease caused by the new coronavirus that's sickened more than 42, people in China now has an official name: COVID It stands for the coronavirus disease that was discovered in

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