9 thoughts on “ A Bass 1 (DX7) - Various - Demonstration Soundsheet WX-7 MIDI Wind Controller (Flexi-disc)

  1. Nov 07,  · PATCHMAN MUSIC DX7 VOLUME 3 (Wind Controller) Wind Controller #1 - 32 all-new DX7 patches specially designed to be controlled with a MIDI wind controller such as the WX5, WX7, WX11, WindJamm'r, MIDI EVI, MIDI EWI, Akai EWI, Akai EVI, EWI, EWIs, Roland Aerophone, MDT, nuEVI, or Synthophone. These highly expressive sounds are also great for keyboardists when used with a breath controller.
  2. Jul 19,  · The DX7 will, however, respond to the full range of velocity values when sent from an outside MIDI source. This means that when using the DX7 as a MIDI controller to play external sound modules, the patches on these modules will have to be adjusted to be more sensitive to velocity.
  3. The Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller takes wind MIDI control to new levels of performance and playability. With precise, responsive wind and lip sensors, a choice of single-reed or recorder type mouthpieces, and a range of fingering modes, the WX5 makes expressive wind control more accessible than ever before.4/5(12).
  4. Jan 12,  · However, I've now abandoned the whole idea of bass as MIDI controller in favour of a dedicated controller. Right now I'm using the YouRock guitar. It's a bit ridiculous in many ways (including appearance), but is a surprisingly excellent midi controller for the price. And I can control any midi instrument without latency, which is a huge plus.
  5. Aug 24,  · This is the DX7 FM Mega Bass Tutorial Series Part 1, making a DX7 Sub Bass tutorial. Yes, you can make a sub bass using the DX7 FM synthesis. This is .
  6. Jul 18,  · It should be really easy to klutz something simple and effective together with an Arduino, a MIDI Shield and an SD card with patches so that you can dump all DX7 patches in one giant file you can simply scroll through; all you have to do is send the patch to the DX7 when you need it, no need to reverse-engineer the cartridge pin layout or anything.
  7. 3. Hey, It’s a Synth Bass which means you can probably modulate synth parameters with velocity. When creating sampled bass instruments, rather than go through the hassle of multi-sampling different velocities, I sample each individual note plucked strongly and then tie sample start time, level, and filter cutoff to note velocity to create the dynamics.
  8. Thanks to the internet, you can now listen to some of Sal's wonderful wind controller work. Click the links below to download quality MP3 versions of these audio tracks from the WX7 MIDI Wind Controller Demonstration Soundsheet that was used by Yamaha to help promote the WX7 back in
  9. Aug 27,  · Sound modules emulate different types of sounds using digital technology. Keyboard sound modules usually make use of the technical standard known as MIDI, or “Musical Instrument Digital Interface.” MIDI is a standard format for digital signals that allows different digital instruments and devices to communicate with one another.

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